Welcome to the Undecided Art Collective.

This is the first post for the blog part of the undecided art collective website.  For all the artists, creatives who have gathered around this space, you can make yourself known via the comments section below.  This site can and should work as a blog as well as a showcase for all of our works.

Here lies a few pointers with regards to the intentions of this here site:

  • As a member of the collective, you have available your very own page to showcase your work (be it visual, musical, written or made).  More details to follow…
  • If you have something to say, write about within the realms of the creative, perhaps you would like to be a contributor to the blog section?  If this is so, contact the group using the contact section to find out more.
  • Would you like to help administer the site, help with the layout and improving it?  If so, contact us using the contact section..
  • Leave a comment below to say ‘hi’…

Cheers, and look forward to filling this site up with all your great work.