Scenes from UAC + Isle of Arts Show

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Hi folks!

Here are a few scenes from our April show.  We ran this from the 19th – 21st and the whole spectacle coincided with The Isle of Arts festival trail.. Dixcey Art studios has never looked so incredible, with a kaleidoscope of art adorning walls, tiny drawings in-between, a dreamy cloud window display and belting live music on Sunday all helped to really cement the event.  And to blow a couple of shiny UAC trumpets here;  as we become more experienced in putting on our own shows, it is clear that more and more delectable goodness is being thrown into the melting pot!

We’re not resting on our laurels either, as work now begins for a show in August to co-incide with the Ventnor Fringe festival where we hope to entice you back through our doors again with plenty of big heart, big art and a myriad of new spectacles for your eyes to mesmerise at…

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A massive thank you to Yank Heartstrings who gave happy revellers a high-up-country-blues-in-the-clouds set for our finale on sunday..

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..As the crowd watches on..

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So, all that remains to be said to artists and visitors alike is a huge smoochy, ‘Thank You!” .. and you can bet your bottom sock drawer we plan to build you a fantastic visual / audio experience for the summer.  See you in August x

The UAC x

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