Chorderize at the Quay.

Setting up the show

Undecided Art Collective members Rachael Berry and Chris Jones (aka Chemical Gdns) came together last Wednesday night to stage a take over of the Quay Arts in Newport with a veritable feast of visual delights as part of the second Chorderize event.

Chorderize is a migratory performance space designed to give poets, artists, musicians, writers and spoken word performers an opportunity to try things that they feel may or may not work in front of an audience.

The performers were of exceedingly high quality for something billed as experimental. There is so must skill and creativity right under our noses all the time, something that the internet has ‘outed’ to some extent. It’s now so easy to upload your skills to the web for the world to see. Chorderize takes this inclination to share to a new place: a more traditional real-time audience/performer interaction that places us back in reality. Very exciting.

The focus on the role of the audience and the part that they play in the act of sharing makes this event very special. For us particularly, as visual artists, inviting the opportunity to present our work as an interaction between creator and viewer in such a direct way was a new and valuable experience.