The Nocturnal Flying Frog Lemur

The Undiscovered Creature Project

This month saw the unexpected discovery of a small nocturnal lemur in the north east region of Madagascar, north of Maroantsetra.  Monotremis lumuris or ‘the lizard lemur’ as it has now been nicknamed, is now the smallest lemur species ever to be discovered on the island of Madagascar, smaller even than the mouse lemur, and the first ever example of a tree dwelling, egg laying mammal. It is believed that the reason it has evaded naturalists for so long is in its quiet nocturnal existence in the highest reaches of the canopy.
FlyeayeIt is possible that specimens may have been observed in the past but mistaken for other local creatures. It is extremely small, sitting no higher than three inches on its haunches and has many reptilian traits, the most notable of which is surely its ability to lay eggs.
The discovery of an egg laying mammal within the lemur…

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