‘1hr Art’ ~ A fundraiser for Sturge Weber UK


Earlier this month, Members of The Undecided Art Collective were asked to each create a ‘1 hour artwork’ to help with fundraising for the charity, Sturge Weber UK.  We have made a video to document this one hour session:

Sturge-Weber Syndrome is a rare disorder of unknown incidence and origin; although present at birth, it is NOT thought to be hereditary. Sturge-Weber is usually indicated by a birthmark (port wine stain) somewhere on the face, usually involving the eye and forehead, also similar blood vessels on the brain, called an angioma. Those with SW often suffer from epilepsy, hemiplegia (a weakness or stiffness affecting one side of the body, similar in appearance to that of a stroke), glaucoma and learning difficulties. Symptoms usually occur in the child`s first year of life.

We shall be auctioning the individual artworks via Our Ebay from 7pm (gmt), 8th August until the 18th August 2013.  All proceeds from the auctions shall go to benefit Sturge-Weber UK.

More information soon.. Please contact us should you have any questions and thank you for viewing.