Modern Panic IV Private View and Exhibition.

Rachael Berry

This weekend started with the opening of the fourth Modern Panic exhibition in London.

Curated by James Elphick of Guerrilla Zoo, Modern Panic is a collection of over 70 of the most provocative artists you could hope to find in one place and the first night left no stone un-hurled. There is absolutely nothing bland in this show. Nothing. Be it cake or comic books, everything on display has some way of challenging the viewer to consider more than just the skillful aesthetic. And skillful is the word!

I’ll start with Annabel de Vetten-Perterson. It’s been said but it really is the first thing you hear when people approach her work. “That’s CAKE?!”. I must have heard the phrase 1o times on Friday night. A partially flayed severed deer head has rooted in a chocolate pot and trails a network of dendrite blood vessel roots onto its plinth…

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