Welcome to the DREAMLINE

The Undecided Art Collective are collecting dreams for the upcoming UNDECIDED ON DREAMS exhibition at the award-winning Ventnor Fringe Festival this August.
Dreamline Flyer small

We’ve joined forces with the marvellous team at On The Wight to bring you DREAMLINE, a dedicated answerphone service where you can ‘donate’ your dreams, however far-out, bizarre or boring, any time of the day or night. Simply call and leave a message after the harp sounds but be warned, the adventures of your sleeping brain might end up somewhere in our new exhibition in the form of awesome artwork by more than 20 exciting emerging Artists including animators, painters, film makers, musicians, computer scientists, textile artists, photographers, printmakers, puppeteers and more…

The number is >>>> 01983 475123 <<< The number is

With the Undecided Dreamline you can send your dreams our way!
We’ll make them in to pretty things with paintbrushes and clay-

Or songs and dolls and dream machines that tell you what they mean,
and hang it up at VFringe where our pieces can be seen.

It really doesn’t matter how bizzare or how mundane,
Or maybe you can’t sleep at all! To us it’s all the same.

So call us up and tell us what your sleeping brain spat out,
and maybe we can tell you what the hell it’s all about!

Calls are charged at a local rate and each message you leave can be up to 5 minutes long. You can remain anonymous or leave your name/mission statement/what you had for dinner if you like. There’s a chance that the actual recorded voice files might be used in the show either in part or in full so please say if you’d rather they weren’t and we’ll make sure that they’re not.
If you’d prefer to send a text, that works too (and sounds really cool) or you can email us at undecidedart@gmail.com.

Basically whatever 🙂 We’d just love for you and your far-out sleepy head-meat to be involved in what promises to be an amazing show.
x x Please share DREAMLINE with anyone who might want to get involved x x