The Art of Democracy – Quay Arts

Today, Holly Cade and Rachael Berry went to visit the new ‘Art of Democracy’ Exhibition in the West Gallery at the Quay Arts Centre in Newport and loved it! We strongly recommend a visit!

‘The exhibition coincides with the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta, 750 years since De Montfort parliament, the 2015 UK election, and arrives at a time where we question the art of democratic debate.’

Two enormous thrones – seats of power by Paradox Paul and Maya Malfatti dominate the space – real show stoppers displayed alongside some of the pair’s fabulous signature photo composites. Rachael couldn’t resist sitting on the seat entitled ‘Game of Thorns’ (she even took her shoes and socks off and let her hair down to look the part). Daniel Roberts’ ‘Rename TTIP’ project is a particular highlight (incorporating a SPECTACULAR handmade printing press!) and nestled in the back room a poignant collaboration between John Armstrong, Georgia Newman and Paradox Paul makes a very direct statement about the democratic process, perfectly walking the fine line between humour and the despair/disillusionment felt by many at contemporary democratic process and its value in the hands of the powers that be. We were also really pleased to see an interactive polling station installation where you are invited to share your view on the running of the now entirely self-financed community resource that is the Quay Arts – well worth taking some time to express your thoughts! Other striking installations from the New Carnival Company and captivating sound installation from John Armstrong and Ian Boyd of Chorderize make this an eclectic and thought provoking showcase not to be missed! The show will run in the West Gallery from now until the 19th of September. IMG_6671 IMG_6673 IMG_6677 IMG_6675