Undecided on DREAMS

Undecided on Dreams poster by Julie Barnes

Undecided on Dreams poster by Julie Barnes

Summer is here! The verges and wild places are bursting with life and long days slip in to warm nights that bring with them DREAMS.

This Summer the Undecided Art Collective welcome you to a slumbersome celebration of the subconscious as part of the award winning Ventnor Fringe Festival.

Between Tuesday the 11th and Sunday the 16th of August we will transform 34 Pier Street, Ventnor into a veritable trove of otherness and affordable artwork from some of the South coasts most exciting emerging artists, including contemporary textiles from Julie Barnes of Ivy’s Table, the colourful acrylics of Stephen Butterfield, Dream-based oil landscapes from Mark Dickson, A dream interpretation machine by hyperrealist painter Rachael Berry, a minecraft interpretation of Ventnor by Chris Gutteridge, New photographic works from Holly Cade, The Distracted Dreams series by Luke Ellison, The digital manipulations of Chris Jones (aka Chemical GDNS), God-know-what from Six Webbed Fingers, Diaramas from Fran Heath, stunning pencil and tea drawings by Carlos M Burgos, the reciprocal drawings of Woz Hampshire, a whole album of sound-based art by Harry Wareham, a 32 minute documentary poem by John Armstrong of Chorderize, new work from Boney, and the multimedia stylings of Tania Dixcey plus many many many many more!!

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You can get involved with the show by ‘donating’ your dreams to our artists via the UAC Dreamline, powered by the wonderful team at On the Wight. Just call 01983 475123, leave your dream as a message after the beep and you might see your dream re-interpreted by our artists as a brand new piece of artwork for the show.
We’re also running a dream-related art competition, predominantly for under 16s but everyone is welcome to enter. More details HERE.