Carlos Martyn Burgos


‘Stuff that happens between the ears, pours in through the eyes and claws at the heart’

Carlos M Burgos is a figurative artist through which he explores aspects of how we live and feel through visual narratives, resulting in an often surreal and alternative look at the world with slight traces of satire or humour. Conjuring concepts, distorting them for emotional effect to evoke moods or ideas, meaning or emotional experience.

A varied artist, Carlos refreshingly picks a new theme to inspire each series of works. Drawing inspiration from social history, literature, music, conversations and general popular culture. Fusing elements of the classical, the expressive, the surreal, beauty, darkness and his love of the human form. He has done works on growing up, on rejection, on his childhood TV heroes (from early morning cartoons to cinematic wonders), on apocalyptic Mayan prophecy, on the cult classic ‘Lady Snowblood’ (also the inspiration for Tarantino’s Kill Bill) – a list which could goes on forever. Equally original is his use of tea stains to add character to his work creating textures, tones and natural hues, representing the permeation of our ideas and memories into the world over time.

He was brought up in two cultures, those of El Salvador and the United Kingdom, and emphasises his attachment to each.

He has exhibited in galleries across London. He has exhibited in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Texas, New Mexico and Canada. He also developed storyboards and concept art for Keith Lemon’s summer comedy ‘Keith Lemon: The Film’.